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Family Meal Plan Service


No time - or no desire to cook? 

Has your life gotten so hectic with work and after school events that you find yourself getting home too late to cook dinner?


Are you ordering take out most nights or spending too much time in the frozen food aisle? 


Do you want to have delicious dinners in your own home without having to shop, cook or clean up?


Providing in home meal plan service, is ideal for individuals who want to intake natural food dishes or a healthier nutritional diet. 

This type of service is ideal for, busy professionals, large families with children, new parents or anyone who would rather leave the cooking to someone else!


If interested in service, we can arrange for a in home free consultation, to discuss types of ingredients / dishes you prefer and certain dietary restrictions you may have to effectively formulate proper menu options based your healthful goals.


Meals are created weekly and delivered on a specific date based on your needs, meals will than be arranged into plastic or glass containers, labeled, ingredient list specific, re-heating instructions, to keep you informed of each meals cooking/re-heating. I package and store your meals in your refrigerator and freezer for you to enjoy—at YOUR convenience.

How can meal planning benefit me financially:

If you take your present monthly food cost; on a daily basis cost out all expenses for a whole month, this is including entertainment (nights out), processed factory made foods, and on the go quick foods. Measure this expense compared to my chef service fee + the cost of groceries you will save by knowing with my meal plan service the cost will be consistent each month, while contributing to a delicious and healthy growth diet.


By having 3-4 families that I cook for at all times, I can significantly reduce grocery bills for all families. I am able to reduce food cost by buying meat/fish/vegetables in bulk, thus reducing the cost for each family. 



Why should I have a Personal Chef?

Healthier than eating out or pre-packaged meals; Less expensive than eating out; More time for family and the pursuits you love; Meals custom made just for you! After a long day at work, wouldn't it be nice to arrive home and not have to worry about what your going to cook for dinner?



Prices vary by amount of family members, and if you require both lunch and dinners prepared. 



Contact me for more information!

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