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since 1997

Having grown up in a family with diverse tastes, and working at the local farmers markets from an early age, it was only natural to pursue a life and love of food!


My family's enthusiasm for international cuisine encouraged me to learn to prepare all kinds of dishes. Spending a year in Central Europe mainly in Germany, France and Italy,  I absorbed a great deal of knowledge for my food repertoire.


When I returned home I attended the Culinary Institute of Canada and graduated with an honors degree in Culinary Arts.

Following my formal education, I was employed at 5 star Inns & Restaurants throughout the United States and Canada.


For those of you familiar with the Food Network, I have competed in local, national & international food competitions and earned various awards.


Along with my chef duties, I have taught gourmet cooking classes and I have over 10 years experience in catering, both privately and for corporate clients.


It all began one snowy day in Sarrah's kitchen....


Fork & Spoon Moncton Catering Private Chef